The Power of the Segula

The Jewish tradition has many beliefs and prayers designed for a specific purpose or occasion. One of the most unique traditions involves the prayer for the lost objects through the power of the segula. This is a common prayer and procedure that Jews seek out when trying to retrieve a lost object, among other forms of spiritual remedy. 

If you are looking for an item of value and desperately need to retrieve it, you might want to consider what a segula can do for you.

What is the Segula?

The story of the segula is not new to you if you have followed the traditions and rituals of the Jewish people. But before you delve into this tradition, it is important to first define what a segula is.

According to Jewish tradition, the segula is a form of spiritual charm that offers protection or remedy. It is based on the Kabbalistic and Talmudic tradition. It is mentioned several times in the Hebrew bible. The term itself is based on a Hebrew vowel, segol, which is represented by three dots. Meanwhile, Ohr Hachaim defines a segula as a charm that supersedes logic. 

Regardless of its etymology and the history behind it, the Jewish people have a strong belief in the power of the segula. Many of those who’ve experienced it can attest to how powerful it can be, especially if you give to charity and commit to your pledge.

The segula in Jewish community is used to invoke the name of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness in search of an important object – something that is of sentimental value. There are also many other applications to this tradition, such as during marriage, seeking protection from harm, or praying for fertility or childbirth. 

When to Use the Power of Segula

As mentioned above, the primary reason for invoking the power of the segula is to retrieve lost objects. The prayer goes like this: 

“All are presumed blind until the Holy One, blessed be He, enlightens their eyes. We know this from the verse:1 “Gd opened her eyes and she went and filled up the water skin.”

Then, the following is chanted three times: 

Gd of Meir answer me!

To close off the prayer, you must recite the following: 

In the merit of the charity which I am donating for the sake of the soul of Rabbi Meir the Miracle Worker may I find (—) which I have lost.

In addition to chanting the said prayer above, you must also give money to the poor in Israel. Completing the steps above is believed to provide an answer to your petition, whether it is to find a lost wedding ring or car keys, or salvation from current troubles in life. 

Indeed, you can invoke the power of the segula during fertility or childbirth, such as an easy childbirth, or to prevent miscarriage. It can also offer protection from harm, particularly during travel. In terms of marriage, the power of segula is invoked through Rabbi Meir Baal Haness to help find one’s mate or to protect the sanctity of the marriage. 

Other petitions for the segula include asking for a longer life, cure for ailments, remedy for livelihood, and finding a lost object. 

Invoking the Name of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

If your specific petition for the segula is with a lost object, then the Rabbi Meir Baal Haness is the one you should give tzedakah to. He is known as the Miracle Maker in the Jewish belief. He is a Jewish sage during the time of Mishna. 

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness is one of the most commonly mentioned sages in the Mishnah, simply because he was known as the “Master of the Miracle”. This was based on a story involving Rabbi Meir who saved his wife, Bruriah, from a brothel following their government execution for teaching Torah publicly. Since they survived this ordeal, he has become associated with the Jews’ desire for salvation during a crisis. In fact, it is part of the Jewish tradition to give to charity in order to honor the memory of Rabbi Meir. 

However, in order for their petition to be granted, they must chant, “God of Meir – answer me!”

There are many Jewish charities that were established in order to give back to the poor. Many of those who donate to these charities do so as a way to recover lost objects. 

If you are going through a crisis or you want to recover an item of significant value, you can invoke the name of Rabbi Meir. He is the segula to which your petition will be answered; however, you are really praying to G-d. The donation to any Jewish charity of your choice is part of invoking the Rabbi’s name in order for your petition to be granted.